S agehill Farm was created first for a love of grapes and the sweet flavors, juice, or wine they can create; but with the room available, more options seemed appropriate.  Irises and other flowers, including Munstead lavender, came with us, Tom & Pat Phillips, when we bought the property in 2006 and built our home.  But irises are short lived and the wind tended to dry out all else but the lavender.  So, after research and the wide diversity of information on lavender, we decided to expand the lavender varieties.  Six hundred Grosso are doing well, along with Phenomenal, Hidcote Pink, Purple Impress, Super, Imperial Gem, Dark Supreme, Eidelweiss and in the future we’ll add Buena Vista and Betty’s Blue to round out selection. And the original Munstead is still going strong.

Today, Sagehill Farm boasts over 1,000 plants represented in 10 different varieties.